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Walk, Roll, Carpool, or Bus to Nixon on Wednesday, April 24, in honor of Earth Week!

Please join the Nixon community in celebrating Earth Week by walking, rolling, carpooling, or busing to school on Wednesday, April 24. Use this opportunity to kick start a new routine that includes healthy commuting alternatives like walking, bicycling, riding the bus, or carpooling. Share your walk or ride to school with a neighbor or carpool if you live too far away. Riding the bus is a green way to get to school too! For information on safe routes to school and road safety tips, please go to: If you need to drive, please don’t idle – turn off your engine at school.

PTA COFFEE HOUR @ ESCONDIDO: Middle School Transitions for Children with Learning Differences

Friday, April 12th (8:15 – 9 AM)

Do you have a child with an IEP or 504 or a child that needs a bit of extra help? Do you have questions about your child’s transition from elementary school to middle school? Join us for morning coffee on April 12th!

All families are welcomed to attend! We hope you’ll join us, whether you just have a question or have a child currently receiving support.

Information/Questions contact Jackie Kaur, Houn Kim or Grace Lee, your Special Ed/ Inclusion Representatives at:


or PTA Special Education:

CAC for Special Education website: